We need you to WOMAN UP

As an anonymous collective of change makers, we don't fundraise, have meetings, or host events.
Instead, we shed light on the struggles facing the women in country music, share them with industry executives and the country music community at large, seek solutions that will *hopefully* make a difference, and offer opportunities to support actions that can improve the overall culture.

We can't do it alone.
We need your help. We need you to WOMAN UP.


The first step in solving any problem is admitting there is one. Please take time to read the many articles that shed light on the struggles facing women in country music. Listen to women in the industry and those in your own life. Look around to the festivals in your area and the songs being played on your local stations or in your playlists. If you aren't seeing women receiving the marketshare, opportunities, resources, or equality of their male counterparts, we need your help.


Share, share, share. First, follow your favorite female artists on social media. Support their art and actions. Next, follow us - we are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We keep an active archive of articles and update it frequently. Share the successes and struggles you see the women in country music experiencing on your social media accounts. Your advocacy is important and makes the issue more unavoidable for the industry's decision makers.


As the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative encourages, we have an opportunity demand with our dollars. Don't buy tickets to festivals without women. Don't stream playlists that aren't inclusive. Turn off radio without representation. Don't quietly excuse inequality. We need #lesstalkmoreaction.

As industry leaders, make changes. Time's Up on this pervasive problem. Swift action is needed so start doing more. Now.