Women Artists On Country Radio: Old Issue Brings New Debate.

"I strongly disagree with these statements,” Smith tells Inside Radio. “I think there is this false narrative that people are falling in line with, and stepping outside the box is becoming rarer.” And thus, Smith ignored the box and blatantly named her on-demand program and Nash Country Daily column, “Women Want To Hear Women.” Not only has she heard these dated rationalizations in radio station hallways, artists have told her the same talk is taking place in record label conference rooms.

“I have had female artists on my podcast say that labels have told them, ‘I love your stuff, you’re a star, but we’re just burnt out on females right now,’” Smith relays. “Meanwhile, at the time, that same label only had three female artists on the roster."

Read the full article about Elaina Smith’s new podcast, “Women Want To Hear Women” via Inside Radio.

Photo Credit: Elaina Smith/ Westwood One