Cam Is the Feminist Powerhouse That Country Music Deserves

Renaissance revisited...

"People come up to me and they're like, 'Oh, aren't you so happy about the renaissance that's happening of women? There's so many women artists. There's so many female artists,'" she says. "When you have one female artist in the top 50 on a chart, that is not a renaissance. When you have such a small number of program directors working in radio that are women, that tiny number, that's not a renaissance. When you have the heads of labels not being women, that's not a renaissance.

"There's a weird myth that's one of the excuses: 'Women don't like listening to other women.' That's a thing that they say," she continues. "Program directors, hopefully all of them are not there anymore, very recently they were told, 'Don't play two women next to each other in the playlist,' and some of them, 'Don't play two in an hour.' ... People will say, 'No, that's not recent' and then one of the gals sitting at one of the stations is like, 'Nope, under so-and-so that was the rule.'"

- Cam

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