It is important that we all start taking meaningful actions to help women get MORE. First, the leadership of the country music community must be willing to change at its CORE.

Admittedly, WOMAN doesn't have all the answers and we welcome any thoughts, questions, or suggestions that you might have. Together, we can work to usher in a new era for the women of country music. Currently, WOMAN is committed to taking the following actions to create a better future for us all:

Commit to a MORE Conscious Culture

We are committed to creating a more conscious culture within the country music community. Our goal is to have industry leaders implement our recommendations or provide customized alternatives of a comparable standard.

Offer Fair Representation Among Genders

We are committed to monitoring and reporting on the representation of women among airplay charts, countdowns, tours, festivals, and more.  We will highlight concerns, identify areas for improvement, and praise those who frequently offer fair representation among genders.

Raise Resources and Funds

We are committed to raising resources and funds to advance the causes of women and developing funding opportunities that address their most pressing concerns. The following organizations deserve increased consideration and funding.

Encourage Equity and Equality as Industry Norms

We will be relentless in our work to create and industry where equity and equality are the undisputed industry standards.

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It’s B.S., straight up! Just play one of us... Then we all win.’ I’ll fight for it until I can’t no more.
— Miranda Lambert