Conscious Country Initiative

WOMAN encourages the leadership of country music's major companies to take an active role in cultivating a new approach to culture.

Every company has a culture and it is the leadership that helps set the tone for whether that culture will be cautionary or conscious. To encourage the latter, we are launching our Conscious Country initiative as a way for leaders to help create a more positive, safe, and equitable workplace for all.

WOMAN's Request:

Leaders from country music's largest companies were asked to consider committing to the following simple 3-step process over the next year:

  1. Publish your Corporate Code of Conduct Online
    Identifying standards for how people can and should expect to be treated within a company cannot be considered optional or obsolete. A code of conduct is simply a sturdy foundation from which a more vibrant and conscious culture can be built. It is an initial investment into the protection and productivity of your workforce. A publicly available code of conduct shows an internal commitment from company leadership to truly value their employees and partners. It also serves as an external demonstration of how much the leadership of a company has invested in its own future success.

  2. Encourage MORE LEADERS in the industry
    As several codes of conduct are already circulating online among the biggest companies in the business, WOMAN was challenged to consider why there could still be such a struggle in implementation resulting in our very public parity problems. We believe one primary reason was that the words on the pages have not yet been elevated enough to become a tangible part of each company's culture. In our pursuit to ensure the women of country music have more marketshare, opportunities, resources, and equality, we have come to believe that the industry must first have more leaders who choose to embody the standards within their codes. We created the MORE LEADERS model (attached and available online) to offer simple steps leadership can take towards a more conscious culture.

  3. Regularly review and refine the conscious culture
    With more leaders working toward a better future, we ask that those who believe in a conscious culture regularly review and refine their approaches. The quality of a culture is preserved by its commitment to consistently review and continually refine itself.  WOMAN asks that each executive who pledges their support of a more conscious country music community agree to provide an evaluation of their experiences by May 2019.


WOMAN created the MORE LEADERS model for consideration and to be used as a resource when implementing a more conscious culture.

WOMAN created this resource as an accompaniment for the MORE LEADERS to further explain ADVOCACY MENTORING.

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